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  1. Support from Hong Kong: we’ll keep praying, you add oil!

    (“Add oil” is an ancient Hong Kong saying that I encouragement to keep going and get a second wind. It’s a little like your aunt Jessica saying you’re not trying hard enough 😀 )


  2. Dear Heidi, We are praying for you! Please let us know how we can pray for you specifically. What an amazing God to oversee your care in such details.


  3. Dear Heidi, We are praying for you and think of you and your family often. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog. You’re inviting us into your journey, and that is an honor. I am sad that you have to walk this journey, but grateful for how God has been walking with you all along the way. Love, Kathy and Brian Berg


  4. I love reading your blog! Your ease with talking about God is inspiring, refreshing! I’m in Sue’s BSF group. We’re all praying for you.


  5. Since you left, every night I pray to Allah for you before going to bed. Haven’t missed a single day. I am just waiting for the day when I will get the good news that everything is clear.


    1. Farzana, I appreciate you so much… one of these days we’ll be together in DC, laughing about our Cameroonian adventure, with all this in the past. And eating the best food.


  6. Heidi, I’m thinking of you and your family everyday and rooting for you to beat this thing! Your strength and calm grace are an inspiration.


  7. Heidi,
    We’ve never met, but I talked to your mom recently. I’m praying that God will continue to give you strength and peace through this experience. I’m also confident that He will allow you to serve as a very bright light to those around you in such a way as to draw some of them closer to Him.


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