March 24th 2019

I’ve now hired a professional writer to type for me, because writing has become overwhelming. This professional writer has been working on novels for years and producing some amazing stories. Her name is Jenna. She’s my oldest sister and the closest thing I’ve ever had to a twin. It’s from her I got the idea of a WordPress blog to begin with. She runs a very successful blog of her own (insert Jenna comment: Hahaha! Haven’t written on that dang thing for . . . uh . . . )

Today’s visitor- squirmy, sweet, sing-song Marain

How is Heidi doing

  • I’ve now clocked 18 days in hospital, and it’s been a mental exercise in keeping positive during discomfort and a steady flow of bad news.
  • Where the bad news stands now is that I have a kidney problem that is undiagnosed because we can’t risk a biopsy on such low platelets. We’re stabbing in the dark at a treatment with steroids to try and get my kidneys under control, but it’s looking like tomorrow, dialysis is on the table.
  • I had a bone marrow biopsy a couple days ago that showed a high percentage of blasts, however this doesn’t necessarily mean the chemo isn’t working. It just means the marrow isn’t as empty as they hoped. Blast cells are the precursors to pretty much every bone marrow cell, whether healthy or not, so I’m in another waiting game to see if these are going to be cancer cells or not.
  • Discomforts: my kidney situation has made me balloon from the waist to the thighs to degrees I never imagined possible … I literally gained 30 pounds of fluid in 3 days! Moving has become like rolling around in a water bed, not quite being able to sit up. I’m not sure if I’m the water bed or the person in this scenario. Some of my discomforts have eased over the last few days–I’m no longer throwing up. I do, however, get fluid in my lungs when I lie down. It’s very uncomfortable, and means I’m on oxygen 100% of the time. I also get uncontrollably shaky, maybe from a cocktail of anxiety, anti-nausea medicine and steroids (another good reason for a typist).
My top 3

Heidi’s Delights

  • There’s been an influx of family ready to serve, laugh, provide food, help with kids, and just hang around me for the fun of it.
  • I’ve started enjoying food today.
  • Last night I was able to sleep a four-hour stretch, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time due to shaking and breathing issues.
  • I’ve been able to have a visit from kid each day over the last week, and those times are so sweet.
  • I’ve spent time reflecting all the more on the source of my faith. My faith is doing just fine. I’m totally at peace.
David enjoying some gifts from our family… a family of dogs, one to represent each of us. They’ve been able to act out some of their feelings using these as their tools!

18 thoughts

  1. Heidi, it’s so good to “hear” from you again via Jenna. What sisterly live. ❤️
    You have constantly been in my thoughts and prayers.
    It’s good to see pictures of you and your family and see your smiles. You are so surrounded by love.
    Praying for good rest and good news about results and that the bone marrow transplant will happen soon.
    Sending so much love and prayers your way. 🥰🙏🏼🤗
    Vicki and Larry


  2. Dialysis will be such a relief for you.You will soon feel soooo much better in getting rid of all that excess fluid. Remember the ballet dancing elephant or hippo in Disney’s “Fantasia”?


  3. Heidi we think of you so often, and we pray for you. We understand the ” no good news thing”. That defines our life right now. And we also understand the “peace the passes understanding” thing. I don’t know how anyone can go thru what you are going thru without the presence of God in our lives. Our love and prayers continue.


  4. Eres un ejemplo de fortaleza y de fe, también de paciencia en el sufrimiento. Cada foto que pones resplandece con tu sonrisa. Estoy orando fuertemente por protección espiritual para ti y tu casa ante esta dura adversidad que ha venido sobre vosotros. Dios es bueno.


  5. Dear Heidi and family,
    Are you eating typical hospital food such as jello, chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes? I hope not!! Your body needs the most nutrient dense foods you can give it. Power packed smoothies with coconut milk, fruit, greens powder, amla, moringa is good. Also juicing of fruits and veggies is essential to maximize nutrients when you are so sick. Most hospitals are great with medicine and woefully weak on nutrition. If you want them I’ll send some recipes I use that I got from ChrisBeatCancer. They are tasty and nutritious. Love and prayers keep flowing to you and God


  6. “I am totally at peace.” Praise God. I am in awe after reading of the discomforts. I will pray that the Holy Spirit continues to sustain you. After reading this post, I immediately thought of Proverbs 31:25. “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”


  7. Praise God and thanks to the mighty 3-some for making Heidi smile and family for surrounding her when she needs your love.


  8. Heidi – just now discovering your blog thanks to Ashley, and it is so good to see you surrounded by so much love. We still miss you all terribly. I think about you every time we are at the pool and when walking around the neighborhood. Sending much love from Yaounde and a whole lot of “du courage.”


  9. Heidi, I am just discovering your blog thanks to Ashley and am so glad to see you surrounded by so much love. We miss you all terribly and I think of you every time we are at the pool or are walking around the neighborhood. (Or when I am trying to make pizza as good as yours.) Sending much love from Yaounde and a whole lot of “du courage.”



  10. Heidi, though we have never met, I am one of the Fletcher cousins and I just want you to know that we are praying for you and for your family. May His peace and His comfort flood your soul! Betty Anna (Fletcher) Hulson


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