March 14, 2019

Blood donors, you mean so much to me… all you A+ people… thanks for keeping me going. I couldn’t live without you.


As time moves forward, my symptoms and problems are changing. The infection that originally landed me here in the hospital has been taken care of! The only lingering symptom from that is a drug rash on my back and belly that’s fading with time.

But sadly, there are other things keeping me in the hospital now. Last night I got an MRI of my pelvis to see what’s going on with my poor butt. Abscess? Thrombosed hemorrhoid?? It turns out neither! It’s a very swollen, angry vein. It’s very painful, but the best of all outcomes.

The pain has been so bad I’ve now got oxycodone to help me get through the day. “I don’t want to be part of the opioid epidemic this country is in!!! Isn’t there something else?” “Heidi, it’s ok to take pain medicine when you’re in pain.” “But I’ll get addicted!!!” The worry of addiction was soon resolved after I realized the vomiting that comes with taking oxycodone.

Effective vomit holder… but disturbingly shaped. I keep one in my purse at all times. In case things get wild.

I had eaten salmon, asparagus, a little cheesy pasta, and a sugar cookie for dinner. Once I realized the food wasn’t staying long, I started to worry about the flavor of the salmon on it’s way out… But to my pleasant surprise, it was the most pleasant tasting vomit I’ve ever experienced. If you’re planning on a hurl, eat a sugar cookie first! I also have all I need for a speedy cleanup: nasal saline and mouth rinse saline. Takes care of it in no time flat.

Lunchtime companions

Not only did I have great company for lunch today, but while we were eating, exciting things were happening back home:

It’s been a long time since we’ve felt settled. A year ago we were in California, sorting out what should go in storage, what should go to Cameroon, and undergoing quite a lot of stress to get diplomatic passports, visas, orders, kids’ overseas screenings, etc. Since then the moving has never quite stopped. We’d only just received our last boxes of things in Cameroon in November. We hadn’t finished hanging pictures on the walls when it was time to uproot and come here. The paperwork has been a nightmare… But today a moving truck arrived- our furniture from storage is here!! And what a blessing that I’m in the hospital! I’m not supposed to be exposed to any mold, mildew, spores, too much dust or anything like that. Queen Cancer lets everyone else do the work.

Speaking of work…

I’ve been given a noble quest!!! My lovely transplant coordinator, nurse Lauren, has given me the task of coming up with a bone marrow transplant-friendly workout! I told her to find me a room with a bleachable floor and some yoga mats. She was able to right away! It’s going to be epic.

I’ll start with the standard Pilates mat class and design modifications for things like pick lines, IV tubing, stomach sensitivity and whatever other symptoms I come across in my journey.


  • Praise for the healed port!
  • Praise for work on the exercise plan!
  • The paper work nightmare to get straightened out (and that we get reimbursed for Mike and the kids’ plane tickets from Cameroon to Chicago).
  • My pain to go away… it’s also making my blood pressure high.
  • No more infections, mouth sores, butt sores pleeeeeeeease.

10 thoughts

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow….🎶🎵
    Maybe a series of exercise videos is in your future for cancer/BMTransplant patients??
    What a joy to know what’s happening and know how to keep praying, especially with the paperwork issues…. time to write a letter to somebody somewhere!!
    I love you and am blessed AND astounded by how God is strengthening you in the midst of it all. Praying for Mike, too, as he deals with all the behind-the-scenes stuff!!! ❤️🧡💛


  2. Dear Heidi, You are Amazing. So strong and even funny through it all. I am slightly obsessed with your blog and know that you are helping so many people through sharing your personal journey. I can’t wait to come and visit you sometime soon..I pray for you and your healing every day!!! Love, Courts


  3. Heidi – Thank you for letting us go along with your journey and pray for you in specific ways. Your journey is not easy (could I possibly have made less of an understatement?), but your attitude, faith and honesty are a blessing and challenge to each of us. Please know you and your precious family are in our prayers daily and will continue to be.


  4. I finally have something that I hope will make you laugh as you develop your exercise program. I saw this dance move with the caption, “My dog’s reaction right before she vomits” and it made me cackle with glee. I hope you find it instructive.


  5. Heidi, you are an amazing woman! You have such an incredibly great attitude. Thanks for keeping us informed. I continue to pray for you and your family.


  6. Heidi ” But to my pleasant surprise, it was the most pleasant tasting vomit I’ve ever experienced.” I’m literally cracking up reading this post because I can hear you saying it in my head. hahahaha Oh my word! It’s awesome how God is so real in you! Love you and praying for you!


  7. Thank you for sharing prayer requests and praises and letting us readers and pray-ers far away be part of what God is doing in your life. How is it possible that you are making me laugh with your cancer blog?! Just seconds after crying about James’ note in the previous post. I imagine your daily life is pretty much like that. Yesterday I offered Anna the “double cookie” and thought of you. Cheek swab sent off to Be The Match today!


  8. Could you do videos of your yoga and Pilates? My gym where I used to go for those classes closed down and I miss them soooo much.


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