March 6, 2019

Just a bowl full of Pho helps the chemo go dooooown…
This was my final infusion on Friday.

Today is day 10 of Vyxeos! Right when I got started with this kind of chemo, my Dr said “Day 10… everyone comes in on day 10 with a neutropenic fever.” I’ve taken my temperature every few hours. No fever yet!

Yesterday I went in for labs to see how the chemo is sinking in. From what I understand, there’s an ingredient in the chemo that is encased in a fatty cell and is released once it reaches the marrow, so all the effects aren’t expected to come crashing in at once. As the chemo takes effect I’ll need red blood cells and platelets to keep me going, so those get regularly checked. Here’s yesterday’s lineup:

  • Hemoglobin 9.3 g/dL (normal is 11.6-15.6 g/dL)
  • Platelets 47 K/uL (normal is 160-370 K/uL)
  • Neutrophils 50 /uL (normal is 1700-7500 /uL)

What does this mean??? Well, it means I didn’t need any transfusions yesterday. It means I have to be super careful to not get injured or cause myself any bleeding, or the platelets will have a hard time patching me up. It means I’m neutropenic- I don’t have very many infection fighting white blood cells around and therefore can’t do things like change diapers, clean bathrooms, brush my kids’ teeth…

Making cookies with Granny

In comes our wonderful family!!! I get to be queen cancer as family members have come and gone, helping with the kids and the household chores around the clock. I couldn’t be more proud of the family I’ve been given. I didn’t do anything to deserve such an asset, and yet here they are, blocking out their schedules to rotate through and make sure we’re never without help. It is truly humbling and fills my heart to the brim.

Pray for…

  • No infections or sickness
  • No nausea (most young women get pretty terrible nausea from vyxeos, and I’ve been spared so far!!)
  • My heart and veins… vyxeos is extremely hard on these
  • No hemorrhagic events! According to 74% of people who are on this drug experience some sort of hemorrhagic event, and these can be fatal. I already had a bleeding situation that landed me in the hospital during my last kind of chemo… I would love to NOT repeat that!
  • God’s sustaining peace in our home… especially that all who come through helping us out, or visiting would be renewed!
I still have hair! But maybe am looking a bit… yellow? Hm.

12 thoughts

  1. Dear Heidi, I am an old neighbor of yours when you lived in Indianapolis. You were just a baby when your family moved to Spain. So you probably have no memory of our wonderful times. Your mom and I could talk for hours about nothing. Interesting you graduated from IU and that’s where I work AND my sister had your husband in class at North.
    I think of you and your family often and send prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Peace be with you. Love Karen


    1. Karen!! So glad to ¨see¨ you, and thank you so much for responding here – and what a small world! Thanks for your love and support 😘


  2. I see the hope in your face and can hear your voice as you write. Wishing we weren’t so far away, but loving to read how you and your family are cared for by one another. We love you Heidi! Praying for healing miracles by the ultimate physician! Xoxo Wendy and crew


  3. Hello Heidi. Nice to meet you. I am in your Mother-in-law’s bible study. I am praying for you and encourage you to spread the word about this blog. When I lost my Aunt to a massive stroke, our blog was one of the must comforting things I had. I especially respect the prayer request list above. Must be a mom thang! Praying now. Much love and blessings, Kimberly


  4. Hi Heidi! Vicki (DeArmey) hère!
    I am following you closely thanks to your Mom and your blogs. You still look like the pretty high school student we knew in Madrid . I can’t believe you are a Mom of 4!!!! Your kids are so cute. I want to squeeze them! I want to hug you and tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers ALOT!
    You are beautifully and wonderfully made by God’s grace and bountiful love.


  5. Comfort Heidi…I’m sitting with Troy awaiting his visit with his chemo doctor and reading about you in the palm of my hand. May our Lord and heavenly father hold you 🙏 close.


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