Feb 28, 2019

I’m on day 3 of Vyxeos chemo. I had my first infusion Monday (day 1), second infusion Wednesday, third will be Friday. So far the side effects are minimal. The doctor and pharmacists first concern was with nausea prevention, so I have no less than 5 different nausea medicines at my disposal, some as needed some compulsory. Mostly though, I just feel odd- tired, wired, foggy minded…

My side effects with the last chemo I was on kicked in around day 16, so I’m mentally preparing for the harder days to come… and that one was considered chemo- light. Vyxeos is not chemo light.

Vyxeos is PURPLE!

Vyxeos is also a hair falling out kind of chemo! At the cancer center here at UW Madison, there’s a group of donors that has organized a free wig for people such as myself… We’ll see. I have a week or so before the mange hits… I may just need to embrace the bald.

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  1. Embracing the bald helped me a ton! When I’m out in public (which isn’t often) I wear a turban or a wig. It keeps your head warm! But at home, I’m typically rocking the bald look-unless I’m freezing. Prayers for you!


  2. So glad I was able to access this blog and not bother anyone for how things are going’. This is Missy Plaiss. I have been praying and thinking of you, your Mike, your kids, your beautiful sisters, their families and your Mom and Dad. I so respect and admire you and your sisters faith and support of each other.


  3. Whew! What a journey God has you on, my friend. You are loved, you are dear, and you are eloquent. Thank you for your insights, your honesty and your sharing. We will all benefit, and it’s good to know how to pray. LOVE. Christine


  4. We will be praying for you daily and following your progress.
    Your blogs are written very well…not only informative but personable..like we are having a visit with you!


  5. I agree. . . . Everyone needs a friend who lives in Heidelberg. . . . (You might remember I used to live there? 🙂

    So sorry to hear of your trials, but so encouraged to see what Father is doing. Sending love – and my prayers. For you, and your beautiful family!

    I hope you’ll keep writing. Soldier on. . . .



  6. Dear Heidi, I am a friend of your sister, Jenna, from her time in Delaware. I am also one of 3 close sisters, so have always resonated with Jenna’s sister stories. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 20 months ago (as a mom of 4), by God’s mercy am in remission. Our contexts and stories are quite different, but our God is the same. My heart cheers for our Father to read your testimony of His presence in your trial, knowing how He has cared for me (and my sisters who relate to your sisters who are knit with you in this.). “This God–His way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true; He is a shield to all who take refuge in him.” I will seek to be praying for you!


  7. Your blog is a wonderful perspective on where you’ve been. I started praying for you from the moment your mom called. Uncle Jeff didn’t delay in his involvement with getting you to Madison either. I am happy that you are so close to your extended family now. It was great to see you and Mike at Aunt Jean’s party too.
    Your cousin, Emily, had her head shaved when she had brain surgery just prior to starting law school. She made it through and now has lovely long locks as you well know. What you don’t know it that I ( as her mom) went to the closest haircut place that I could find near the Wausau, WI hospital and had my hair cut as short as possible without shaving it off…and then appeared at her hospital room with that haircut as a sign of solidarity! It made me feel so good. Of course, Emily loved it. We got through Emily’s ordeal and it seems a distant memory now. We are all with you and I do look forward to your blog posts…so keep them coming. Much love from Aunt Paula and Uncle Jeff.


  8. Heidi: You write beautifully and eloquently–from the heart. What times–what places–what fears–and what people you have experienced. Big Jake always asks if I have heard anything, and I know that your mother keeps him apprised. But his question come from love, and he knows that answers do not come quickly. May these entries help you and be your balm in Gillead when you cannot be with those you love most and who love you.


  9. Thank you so much for creating this page. I had a similar update for friends and family when I had my kidney transplant. It is a privilege to be in prayer for you. I know that my whole experience was bathed in prayer and prayer upheld me so many times. Know you are loved and nothing is happening without God right there with you.
    Love to my transplant buddy,
    Char Reehm


  10. So glad to see how things are going. Thanks for sharing with us. Lots of love to you, Mike, and the kids.


  11. Hi sweetie, finally figured out how to read this! Technologically very unsavvy you know. Thank you so much for all the details and pictures. It helps so much to know how you are doing. Know that I am praying for you. Would love to chat one of these days if you feel up to it. Miss you a lot!!! Wish I could give you a big hug…Know God has you in His loving arms!


  12. Dear Heidi,

    This is Vessie, Jenna’s friend from our Paris days. I’ve been praying for and your beautiful family you ever since Jenna shared the news. You’re such a great writer. Thanks for bringing us on this journey with you. Sending all my love from Virginia ❤️


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