Feb 16, 2019

Today I’m feeling hopeful.

Last Monday I had a bone marrow biopsy that revealed no progress despite a 28 day cycle of decitabine chemo (read: mouth sore, bleeding E.R. visit and hospitalization, low blood pressure swoop that makes you feel like you’re dying…) I was beyond disappointed. I couldn’t help crying myself to sleep. You can’t get a bone marrow transplant if you’re blast cells are %12… I’m on to the next kind of chemo to try and get the blasts down, but what if they don’t come down? What’s it going to take??

A date alone with God. A reassuring visit with my wonderful hematologist. A red blood cell transfusion. A sunny morning… my hope is alive.

There’s nothing like being renewed in the presence and promises of the Almighty.

The plan? Dr is going to try and get a new version of chemo called Vyxeos, however if insurance won’t approve it in the next week and a half to two weeks, I’ll be hospitalized to receive the older version called 7+3. They both have similar side effects but very different infusion times. Vyxeos is a ninety minute infusion three times in a week. 7+3 is 24 hour infusion, seven days straight. In either case, I’m hopeful… I’m thankful there are still options!